The mission of the LARC program is to provide a personalized an engaging learning environment  for students with and without language-based learning concerns.


The LARC program is an early- childhood regular-education program supporting the development of strong foundations for learning. Small-sized classes serving young children in Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional- Kindergarten between 4 and 6 years old. Our students are developing typically or with mild delays. We know that all students benefit from language-rich support and activities to nurture their reading, writing, math, and vocabulary, as well as their social-emotional development.


In every classroom, an early childhood educator and speech-language pathologist team plan and teach.  Children in our pre-Kindergarten classes begin their educational journey with self-discovery and play.  The curriculum builds a strong foundation of academic skills and social emotional competencies for life-long learning.  

Our Transitional-Kindergarten preparatory program uses a curriculum that promotes academic, social and emotional, and linguistic preparedness for rising Kindergartners. Young scholars participate in interest-driven experiential learning that is evidence-based.  

If you are interested in receiving more information about the LARC Program, complete the following inquiry form:

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